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  1. We will learn more about your family's values and goals and then select the best private school for you。
  2. We will draw up a list of ideal schools tailored to your child's personality and interests。
  3. We will guide and accompany you through every step of your application step by step。
  4. We will help your family to build confidence, so that you can make a good and deep impression in the mind of the ideal private school interviewer。

Based on our initial understanding of the student and his/her family, we will draw up a list of ideal schools that are suitable for the student according to his/her needs, interests and personality。

我们了解,您在忙碌的生活中,必定希望能省时省力,事半功倍;然而,处理各项入学申请的表格及与各个学校联系沟通,势必增添您许多压力。Therefore, if your family needs it, we will be happy to complete the application form for you and give you professional advice on communicating with the school。我们将会即时通知您学校方面的各项信息,例如申请入学的要求及考试方面的变动;同时,我们也将帮助您整理收集诸如正式身份证明、成绩单和Letter of recommendation函等证明文件。The most important thing is, we will check for you layer upon layer, careful review, to ensure that the information submitted to the school is absolutely correct!

Face-to-face meetings, whether on campus or in a student's home town, are often the first opportunity for the school to make contact with your family, and that first impression is crucial。We will guide your family, including parents and students, on how to make a good and deep impression on the school。We are also able to arrange meetings, appointments and visits with the schools you are applying for upon request。

Our team will conduct in-depth interviews with parents to get a complete and detailed understanding of your family。We will ask you questions about your background, career, dreams for children, values, parenting philosophy, parenting style, and your unique perspective。Our team will help you review and refine your statement so that it accurately reflects your family values and values。

Our professional writers, English tutors, and admissions team members can have a one-on-one chat with your child to help them develop ideas, outline, and refine the content so that your child can write a touching and sincere student essay。Students are going to have to write essays on their college applications in the future, so we want students to learn how to express themselves honestly and effectively。Through various exercises developed and designed by KEY, students are taught the basics of good writing when writing their own personal statements。

Based on your family's target school list, we will guide you on how to get the right recommendation letter。Letter of recommendation的用途在于使校方了解您孩子在学术、体育、艺术及个人方面的资质和能力;此外,许多学校也想借此了解家长的背景及其是否能融入学校社区。Therefore, we will guide you on how to select and contact the right person to write a letter for your family and children to support the recommendation。How would you be advised to communicate effectively with each of your referees to determine what information to include in your letter of recommendation so that each letter will be taken seriously。

The interview is an important opportunity for you to highlight your family characteristics and help you successfully apply for admission。KEY believes in the equation: "A successful interview = Competence + increased likeability."。通过我们独家的面试训练课程,我们指导家长及学生如何给校方留下深刻且正面的印象;更重要的是,如何在众多家庭激烈竞争的情况下,得以脱颖而出。How can we teach you how to demonstrate your unique qualities, why you are a good fit for the university, and how to make your admission requirements stand out。

Private schools often conduct a group assessment, in which candidates participate in group activities and are observed as part of their application review。KEY has developed an exclusive curriculum designed specifically to prepare students for group assessment。Through a variety of exercises, students develop the confidence to express their own thoughts and ideas and to collaborate with others。We help students understand the process and content of group assessment to reduce the pressure of taking exams。Our students benefit greatly from this course, because KEY not only teaches students how to deal with private school entrance assessment, but also how to learn effectively and excel in classroom discussions at school。

KEY has developed a unique and highly effective SSAT curriculum that integrates group and individual study plans, enabling our teachers to tailor the curriculum to your child's strengths and weaknesses。The course also includes a complete online support system to assist each student, enabling them to keep track of their progress and identify areas for improvement。This 㮔, combined with digital technology and face-to-face instruction, has been shown to help students achieve the greatest improvement in test scores。

We believe that all families should take the "formal" route to apply to a private school, however, occasionally families will ask if they can make an educational donation as part of their application。Educational donation is a very sensitive issue, which must be taken seriously and prudently。KEY's admissions specialists have experience with various private school fundraising organizations,因此,We can guide your family properly,Learn about all aspects of educational donation,To avoid any awkward situations,How can you communicate with the university about the donation in appropriate terms。

Our team will keep track of your family's application progress。Once we know the outcome of your application, we will meet with you to discuss your options and plan your future course, whether you are preparing for admission or applying again。